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He dated around 200 'good and beautiful Russian women' before he met his wife Katia in February 2015.

Richard, who married Katia, 26, in December last year, says: 'In my professional and personal opinion, I would recommend that my male clients not date British women.

He shared with us one of the most embarrassing moments, where he lied about being a virgin and a few other stuff during his teen.

He also revealed that he stalks his girlfriends through social media, especially through Facebook.

Given her good looks and vivacious nature, eligible suitors must surely be beating a path to her door.

Yet as Jane, from Sheffield, explains, it has been a struggle: ‘The men out there are delusional.

They are in great physical shape, living full and interesting lives.

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'After my divorce, I gave up my prime dating years to raise my two girls, expecting that when they left home, I’d have time left.Actress and comedian Leslie Jones was born on September 7, 1967 in Memphis, Tennessee.At 6 feet tall, Jones received a basketball scholarship to Chapman University, and later attended Colorado State University.In the interview, he talked about his personal dating experiences and gave some terrific advice on how to keep a girl around.Being a free American man, he was not shy to hide the fact that he had had many girlfriends.

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