Updating bathtubs shower stalls charlyne yi is dating ciara

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If that seems high, you’re probably ready to hear the long answer (provided by the rest of this article), which explains why there’s usually more to the project than you might expect.

The problem with pricing a tub or shower project is that replacing a tub or shower is almost never just replacing a tub or shower.

In most cases, people aren’t replacing a tub or shower because it has failed or broken, but because it’s simply become outdated or too cruddy over the years, or it’s never quite fit their “dream bath” image.

When the tub or shower looks bad enough to warrant replacement, chances are the surrounding walls and ceiling could use at least a facelift if not a complete renovation.

Your shower surround is completely customized to suit your tastes – from the colors and patterns to the accessories like shower shelving.Your shower enclosure will be constructed using the toughest acrylic to protect against cracks, chips, and dents.Not only will your shower stand up to the day-to-day traffic, but it will also be low-maintenance.I know it seems crazy to add something like this to a home since we won’t get to enjoy it, but it will help the house sell quicker and for a better price.UPDATE: We sold our house in 10 days so doing the makeover paid off for us.

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