Consolidating emergency management updating the primary key

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Revenue from landline taxes has declined 7.5 percent from 2015 to 2016, Knaup said. Knaup said running the system costs about ,000 a month, Knaup said.Cape Girardeau County officials during a meeting March 2 discussed the possibility of consolidating 911 services. The county has saved money in years when there were surpluses, but that money continually is being used to cover shortfalls, Knaup said.

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Each hauler requires you to verify a separate paper invoice, write a separate check, and contact a different person to resolve questions or issues.

In an isolated incident, a single officer may perform all of functions; in a very complex incident each function could be sub-divided.

Instead, CIMS emphasises consistent terminology, a single multi-agency Incident Control Point for each site or, where possible, wider incident, and planning tools across all agencies.

The county also has been unable to afford enhanced 911 that allows dispatchers to pinpoint the location of cellphone callers, Knaup said.

Currently, a 911 caller in Cape Girardeau County may reach public-safety answering points in Jackson, Cape Girardeau County or Cape Girardeau.

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