Ataca y la alemana dating

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Two years later, Veras signed a contract with Hipolito Records, with whom he would re-release Joe Veras con Amor, followed by the original project Asi Es la Vida, which took his native island by storm and won him a Casandra Award in 1997.

His next recording, the New York-produced Con Mas Amor, sold more than 300,000 copies, earning Veras his first platinum record.

Today, 9 years later, Jorge Burgos and Tanja Kensinger are known as Ataca y La Alemana (joint Instagram). They travel the world, run conferences, and their dance company, Island Touch, has dance teams all over the world.

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In their relatively short career Grupo Extra has shared the stage with great figures of the International Latin Music scene like Daddy Yankee, Wyclef Jean, Jorge Celedon, Kasav, Los Van Van de Cuba, Guayacan of Colombia, Prince Royce, Hector Acosta and others.Fresh Books customers get paid an average of 4 days faster. (Enter "Love Your Work" in the "How Did You Hear About Us?The hardest thing for new projects in the music business is to find an identity, a new concept, a new sound, a different style, new colors. The key members of Grupo Extra are El Nene Flow (Neftali Caba), El Turko (Yassir Neher), Tony Santana (Edward Anthony Regalado Santana), Manny Rod (Emmanuel Rodriguez) y Yewdry Alvarado.After Soriano mastered the style, he went into Santo Domingo and started working as a session musician.Joe Veras was born in the town of Cotui, Dominican Republic.

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